Non Russian Products 3g1.(d) CoR (EU) 833/2014

Stainless Automotive Fastenings Ltd. 6 Trion Ierarxon Street Filothei Thermi 57001 Thessaloniki Greece 00302310331017 Article 3g 1. (d) of Council Regulation (EU) 833/2014 Invoice Number 7316 18/03/2024 Supreme Tool Supplies Ltd The Original Fasteners on this order were manufactured in Taiwan HS 731 1639 Modifications done in Greece Neither the fasteners or the stainless steel was a product of Russia or The Russian Federation We confirm we do not purchase any Goods of Russian origin and do not have suppliers who do. UK Sanctions against Russia The EU have imposed the following sanction against Russian goods according to Article 3g) 1. (d) of Council Regulation (EU) 833/2014, “It shall be prohibited to import or purchase, as from 30 September 2023, directly or indirectly, iron and steel products as listed in Annex XVII when processed in a third country incorporating iron and steel products originating in Russia or Belarus as listed in Annex XVII” "Third country" within the meaning of Article 3g) 1. (d) of Regulation (EU) 833/2014 means all countries other than EU Member States and Russia. The same article provides that “For the purposes of the application of this point, at the moment of importation, importers shall provide evidence of the country of origin of the iron and steel inputs used for the processing of the product in a third country”, thus establishing the burden of providing the evidence is on the importer of the goods at the moment of import, not the buyer. The UK government has also decided to implement the restrictions, which affects all import and export of commodities listed in Annex XVII from 30 September 2023. Stainless Automotive Fasteners Ltd can confirm that our supplier base does not, neither has ever, included Russian entities and that we do not have inventory nor trade any product or service from this origin. We shall evidence the country of origin on our invoices for customs. P.Kirkham Managing Director

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